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Sales Executive

Александр Адищев

Россия, Москва и Московская обл.Москва

Дата добавления 17.12.2016
Заработная плата 200000 RUR
Образование Высшее

Дополнительная информация


Name: Alexander Adishchev
Date of birth: June 02, 1969
Mobile: +7-985-446-3706

Email: a.adishchev@mail.ru

Sales management in construction business. Hotel projects development. More than 20 years with extensive experience of management and sales in multinational companies. Areas: construction and hospitality projects, freeze and air cool equipment, chemical industry projects development, construction and industrial machinery, construction materials. As well extensive experience of Sales executive in areas: Project Solutions, OEM, B2B, B2C, FMCG


May, 2009 – February, 2016 Vodoley-Style Co. LLC. Cheaf of hotel projects division.
Vodoley-Style is a Russian engineering and distribution company working over construction and hotel projects, supplying fit-out materials and FF&E.

February, 2007 – May, 2009 Terex Corporation, Moscow Representative office
Business development Director
Construction machinery manufacture

May, 2004 – Feb, 2007 Russian-German Joint venture “MGW”
Chief Executive Officer
Tower cranes rental and General Construction for Civil Engineering

Sept, 2002 – May, 2004 URALITA Group (URSA trade mark), Russian branch
Sales Executive
Hot insulation materials manufacture (Glass Wool)

April, 1997 – Aug, 2002 General Electric Lighting, Russian branch
Business Development Manager
Lighting sources manufacture

Jan, 1993 – March, 1997 Phoenix International, Russian branch
Industrial Projects Leader
Glass Containers Plants Turn-key Projects Development


• Vodoley-Style Co LLC. The supplying contracts have been fulfilling for the main hotel operators like Rezidor, Hilton, StarWood, Domina, Accor, Hyatt, Marriott. The majority projects are situated in Sochi, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Vladivostok and other cities of Russia.

• Terex Corp, Russian branch - 2008 annual sales had reached USD 55’000’000.

• Russian-German “MGW”. It was a start up successful project. In a year of work, the rental service turn over had exceeded USD 6’000’000. And 3 construction projects were ready-build up.

• Trade mark URSA had been promoted into new marketing segments – General Construction and Industry

• The regional distribution network across Russia had been developed for general Electric

• 3 industrial projects were completed successfully in frameworks of Phoenix International


May, 2009 – February, 2016. Chief of hospitality projects division.
“Vodoley-Style” LLC. http://www.hotelcomplect.ru
Vodoley-Style is a Russian engineering and distribution company working over hotel interiors.

Responsibilities: - Close cooperation with the main hotel operators, architects and interior designers, investors, developers, main contractors and sub-contractors,
- New hotel projects development,
- Interior materials supply to fit hotels out,
- FF&E integration,
- Sales strategy implementation;
- Brands promotion.

Customers: Hotel operators (Rezidor, Hilton, StarWood, Hyatt), developers, general contractors, sub-constructors.
Achievements: participation in the following hotels development:
- Summit InterContinental, Moscow,
- Four Seasons, Moscow,
- *****Pushkin, Moscow,
- Stay-Bridge Suites, Saint-Petersburg,
- ***** Hermitage, Saint-Petersburg,
- Sheraton, Rostov-on-Don,
- Sheraton, Kaluga,
- Sheraton, Sheremeyevo,
- Hyatt, Rostov-on-Don,
- Ararat Park Hyatt, Moscow,
- Hyatt Golden Horn, Vladivostok,
- Hyatt Burny, Vladivostok,
- Hyatt-Regency, Sochi.
- *****Astrum, Shchelkovo,
- Ramada, Moscow,
- SwissOtel Gorki Gorod, Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi,
- Capella, Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi,
- Hyatt-Regency, Sochi,
- SwissOtel Krasnye Kholmy, Moscow,
- Hilton, Lenigradskoye highway, 37,Moscow.

February, 2007 – May, 2009. Business Development Director.
“Terex Corporation”(Russian Branch). http://www.terex.com
Terex manufactures and supplies construction machines for building process and mining (cranes, loaders, excavators, trucks, material handlers)

Responsibilities: - Dealer network development across CIS,
- After sales and service development,
- Construction and mining projects development,
- Sales forecasting;
- Sales strategy implementation;
- Brand promotion.

Clients: General construction and mining companies.
Achievements: - 2008 sales had reached USD 55’000’000
- 6 dealers are working actively across Russia

May, 2004 – February, 2007, Chief Executive Officer, German-Russian joint venture “MGW”.
“MGW” supplies tower cranes for construction business (rental service) and supervises of construction projects
I was reporting to the company owners and supervising 64 persons as following divisions:
- sales division,
-construction division,
- procurement division,
- chief mechanic dept.,
- HR-dept.,
- logistic division,
- book-keeper,
- technician service staff .
Clients: Owners and General construction companies.
Responsibilities: - General management,
- Logistics and warehouse processing,
- Book-Keeping control,
- Sales,
- Cash flow management,
- Staff management,
- Keeping contacts with government controlling and authority officials;
- Procurement management,
- Marketing research,

Achievements: - every year the cranes park had been increased twice. Average monthly turnover was about EURO 400’000 – 500’000
Under my supervision had been developed 3 construction projects:
- Hotel-building “ONEGA Palace” in Petrozavosk City;
- Subconstruction contract in project of Domodedovo airport reconstruction;
- Subconstruction contract in project of President palace construction.

September 2002 – May 2004, Sales Executive of Moscow Representative Office, “URSA-Uralita”. “URSA” is a brand belonging to Spanish URALITA, manufactures hot insulation materials (glass wool) for construction and industry.

I was invited into the company for solving three main tasks:
1. Being Distribution network reforming, because it had been oriented on the retail market before only.
2. Company brand penetration into capital construction market.
3. Company brand penetration into industrial market.

I was reporting to the National Marketing and Sales Director and supervised 12 persons as following:
- sales managers,
- customer service staff,
- merchandisers,
- technical advisers,

Clients: Distribution construction companies

Achievements: Distribution network had been reformed successfully. All tasks had been achieved, now Trade Mark presents on the capital construction marketing segment and on the industrial market, as a result annual sales had increased about 35%. In order to reach it the two new divisions was established in company: Certification division and Engineering division. Here are the most considerable projects: The crude oil depository insulation for Tumen Oil Company, Mikoyanovsky meet treatment plant insulation, Ochakovo beer company insulation, a lot of building construction projects, General contract with German O.B.I. construction materials hypermarket.

• Distribution network processing;
• Sales staff management;
• Sales forecasting;
• Sales strategy implementation;
• Company brand penetration into other marketing segments;
• Customers service management;
• Technical advisers supervision;
• Brand promotion

April 1997 – August 2002, Business Development Manager, General Electric Lighting
“General Electric Lighting” is one of the biggest world electrical bulbs manufacturer.
I was invited to GE for the regional distribution network development
I was reporting to the Russian General Manager, supervised 1 person as manager assistance
Clients: Electrical distribution companies
Achievements: In 7 months a well-made new distribution network had given revenue about USD 1’000’000 monthly.

• Distribution network development and processing;
• OEM market operation;
• Brand promotion;
• Sales forecasting;
• Sales strategy development;
I left this position because I was proposed to solve much more complicated tasks in “URSA”.

January, 1993 – March 1997, Glass Industry Division Chief of Moscow Representative office, Phoenix International
“Phoenix International” is an engineering company constructing glass plants and food products treatment plants.
I was reporting to the CEO.
Clients: Glass industry plants and Agriculture Ministries
Achievements: During this period 3 industrial projects had been realized with total value of USD 18’000’000.

• Market research processing;
• Glass container plants construction in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan,
• Industrial machinery and equipment sales and procurement,
• Refractory import from US and Europe,
• Industrial projects management,
• Machinery installation into technology chain,
• Keeping contacts with customers
• Machinery choice for the customer’s demand.
• Working draft projects out;
• Industrial projects budgeting;
• Assembling staff management;


1993 Russian University of Chemical Technology named after D. Mendeleyev
Specialization: glass production technology. Master of Engineering Degree

1999 State University of Management (Moscow), Russian-Holland
Department of Marketing. Specialization: International Marketing.

LANGUAGE SKILLS - Russian as a motherland
- English – fluent
- German – basic knowledge

General Electric Inc., 1997 – 1999:
- “Customer Relationship Management”,
- “The Prefect Sales”,
- “Marketing research strategy”,
- “Distribution networks development methods”.
URALITA, 2004: - “Staff management”
First Training Group: - “Business Team Management”


Marital Status: Divorced, no children

Health Good , Non Smoker

Driving Licence: “B” licence

INTERESTS - Mountain ski

Контактная информация

Телефон: +7(985)446-3706
E-mail: a.adishchev@mail.ru

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